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3/11/2018 ~ 3/13/2018
ODM Processing Spare Parts
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  • Ming Hao Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Ming Hao Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
    <p>1985: We start wire cut electrical discharge machining (WEDM) business. 1993: Hao established in Taiwan until now. 2017: Ming...
    Product: Stamping,Self-drilling Screws,Screw Clip
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Chiu Ying Screw Metal Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Chiu Ying Screw Metal Co., Ltd.
    <p>Chiu Ying Screw Metal (Fasteners Factory) was founded in 1986, with the desire to manufacture available world-class fasteners , our factory is equipped with...
    Product: Sems Screw, F Head Screw, T Head Screw, P Head Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Screws, Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Rivets, Lathe Parts, Allen Wrench
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • No Photo
    Supplier:U-House Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.
    U-House Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a Zinc Alloy Die & Aluminum Die-casting manufacturer. If you are interested in any item of our products, please free feel...
    Product: Zinc Alloy Die & Aluminum Die-casting
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • ARK Fastech Corp.
    Supplier:ARK Fastech Corp.
    <p>ARK Fastech is your Supply Chain Solutionist in APAC. We provide you with professional and comprehensive service including Sourcing, Purchasing, and Quality...
    Product: Multi-Station Cold Forging Bolts, Multi-Station Cold Forging Nut, CNC High Precision Parts, Screws, Stainless Screws, SEMS Screws, Construction Carbon Screws, Construction...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Z-SINPRO Wedge Anchor Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Z-SINPRO Wedge Anchor Co., Ltd.
    1987: Started with machining bicycle screws<br /> 1998: Purchased more machining equipment and specialized in wedge anchor manufacture<br /> 1999: Expanded our...
    Product: Special Bolts and Screws (Custom),Wedge Anchor,Sleeve Anchor,Timber Fastener
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • BURTERLI Hardware Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:BURTERLI Hardware Co., Ltd.
    <p>BURTERLI Hardware Co., Ltd. (BTL) is a professional trading company and manufacturer in fasteners and hardware for industry, building, auto and electronic, facilities...
    Product: Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Licensed Products, Special Parts, Secondary Operations, Platings/Finishes
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Jun Hai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Jun Hai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    <p>Core Value</p> <BR> <p>Commitment and Integrity.</p> <p>Integrity is our most basic and most important core value. We do not make commitments lightly. Once...
    Product: Special Parts / OEM Parts, CNC / Machining Parts, Bolts, Sockets, Screws, Rod & Studs, Nuts, Washers, Stamping Nut, Pins & Rings, Bit / Kits
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Sengmao Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Sengmao Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
    <p><strong>Professional screw factory in Taiwan - Sheng Mao Precision Technology Co., Ltd.</strong></p> <p>Sheng Mao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. set up...
    Product: Screws, Special Screws, Nuts, Gecko Screw, Anchor, Wrench, Dowel Pin, Mechanical Spring, Metal Stamping, CNC Precision Machining, Hardware
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    Being energetic, aggressive and persistent in qualities are Ji Li Deng Fasteners great characters. Ji Li Deng always has outstanding technology managements...
    Product: Automotive Fasteners, Brass Screws(Bolts), Clinching Fasteners, Container Screws, Double End Screws(Hanger Bolt), Electronic Screws, Euro Screws, Fillister Screws...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    Supplier:Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    <p>Yan Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, is a member of the Yan Chain Enterprise Group. We are one of the worlds leading providers of the service of...
    Product: Tuming Metal Parts,Index Plate Products
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    <p>FRATOM FASTECH located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as a platform of total tooling solution, with our production background of over 25 years, we specializes in the...
    Product: Punches, Round Pin Punches, Hexagonal Punches, Square Punches, 12-Point Punched, Carbide Punches, Sleeves, Transport Fingers, Machine Spare Parts, Forming Dies...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    <p>ZATAS CORPORATION</p> <p>For the past 2 decades, Zatas Corporation (ZatasCo.) has been one of the leading manufacturer specializing in the design, production...
    Product: Nail Glides,Shelf Support,Wall Hanger,Adjustable Glides,Furniture Caster,Lathing Products,Fasteners,Minifix connectors
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Ray Form International Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    Supplier:Ray Form International Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
    With the support from manufacturing partners & the abundant experiences for fasteners/hardware, "Ray Form International Enterprise Co., Ltd" has won many client's...
    Product: Weld Bolt, nut, screw, pin, washer, electrical conduct rivet, magnet, bushing, plastic injection, Turning parts, Stamping parts, Multi-components Assembly
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    Supplier:YING YI CO., LTD.
    Established in 2000, Ying Yi is a trading company offering comprehensive range of quality fasteners, including standard fasteners, special fasteners and custom...
    Product: Self Drilling Screw, Thread Cutting Screw, Drywall Screw, Particle Board Screw, Chipboard Screw, Wood Screw, Euro Screw, Self Tapping Screw, Thread Rolling Screw...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Stand Dragon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Supplier:Stand Dragon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Stand Dragon established in 1995 for over 10 years ever since, is a professional and best cnc machining manufacturing and CNC Machining Company of wide variety...
    Product: CNC Machined Parts, Screw Machined Parts, Brass Threaded Inserts, Precision Turned Parts, CNC Precision Parts, Auto and Motorcycle Parts, Optoelectronic Parts,...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Well-Done (Hua Ching) Hardware Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Well-Done (Hua Ching) Hardware Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 2009, Well-Done (Hua Ching) Hardware Co., Ltd.is a professional supplier to customers requiring high standards and specifications. We provide fasteners...
    Product: Machine Screws, Chipboard Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Wood Screws, Drywall Screws, Anchors, Bi-Metal Screws, Bolts, Drill Bits, Powder Metallurgy...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • H-H Fastener Company
    Supplier:H-H Fastener Company
    We are worldwide exporter and manufacturer of various kinds of screws, bolts, nut, washers, cold heading parts and screw machine parts. We can supply parts...
    Product: Bolt, Screw, Nut, Washer, Screw Machine Parts, Pressing Parts
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    Spring Lake is located in Pingtung Nei-Pu Industrial Park, and is one of those fastener suppliers away from the industrial fastener cluster in Gangshan Kaohsiung...
    Product: Indented hex flange head self drilling screw with EPDM, Self Drilling Screws, Slotted pan head tapping screws, Socket cap head screws, Hex socket cap head sems...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.
    Supplier:Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.
    <p>Lian Chuan Shing (LCS) was founded in September 1996, and specializes in manufacturing washers and metal parts. Continuously offering innovation and improved...
    Product: (1)Washers : Flat washers, Conical washers, Wave washers, Spring washers, Customized washers. (2)Nuts : Weld nuts, Special nuts. (3)Stamping Parts : Clips...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Accurtek Products Corp.
    Supplier:Accurtek Products Corp.
    Elcome to Accurtek! Accurtek Products Corp. is your loyal supplier for automotive and industrial fasteners. We carry a wide range of fastener parts, and...
    Product: Special Bolt,SEMS Screw,CNC Turned Parts,Special Bolt,Welding Bolt,Special Nut,Rivet Nut,Self Locking Nut,Stamping Parts
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Kenlon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Supplier:Kenlon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Kenlon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Blind Rivet Nuts in Taiwan. We have been specializing in producing Bolt Rivet Nuts, Screw Parts,...
    Product: Blind Rivet Nuts,Bolt Rivet Nuts,Sex Bolts,Cold Forging Parts,CNC Lathe Parts
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • Joinwell Fastener Corp.
    Supplier:Joinwell Fastener Corp.
    Joinwell Fastener Corp. is focusing on professional sales & service to fastener related products, and our team is very experienced in this field, so we have built...
    Product: Special Bolt,Special Nuts,Special Screws,CNC Turning Parts
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    <p>Young and energetic as APEX FASTENER INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., is actually with a long history in fastening industry.</p> <p>The mother company of Apex Fastener...
    Product: Weld Nut, Flange Nut, Lock Nut, Nylon Insert Nut, Stainless Steel Nut, Special Nut, Conical Washer Nut, Rivet Nut, Clinch & Standoff Nut, Steel Cap Nut, Wing Nut...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
    Founded in 1992, SHYANG MENG PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is experienced in developing precision parts, and always strives to meet customers' every need with...
    Product: CNC Turning Parts,CNC Lathes PRECISION,CNC Machine Parts
    Taiwan Manufacturer
  • C&H International Corp.
    Supplier:C&H International Corp.
    C & H International is a professional service provider of Fasteners & Hardware in Taiwan. We have an extensive supply chain network for a variety of standard and...
    Product: handle Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Socket Products, Cap Screws, Washers, Wing Nuts, Threaded Rod, Cotter Pins, Wheel Nuts, Anchors, Stamped Parts, and other machine manufactured...
    Taiwan Manufacturer
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Ming Hao Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. Stamping,Self-drilling Screws,Screw Clip
CO-WEALTH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Metal Stamping Dies, Forming Die, Progressive Die, Special Progressive Stamping Die, Stage Die, U Nuts, Clip Nut, U Clip, Internal Tooth Lock Washer, External Tooth Lock Washer, Wave Washer, Flat Washers, Split Washer, Square Cone Washer, Disc Spring Washers, Precision Metal Stamping, Custom Metal Parts, Metal Stamping Parts, Push Nut, Cap Nut, Self Tapping Nuts, Cage Nuts,Retaining Ring, Spring Pin, Cotter Pin, R Clip
U-House Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Zinc Alloy Die & Aluminum Die-casting
Chiu Ying Screw Metal Co., Ltd. Sems Screw, F Head Screw, T Head Screw, P Head Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Screws, Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Rivets, Lathe Parts, Allen Wrench
ARK Fastech Corp. Multi-Station Cold Forging Bolts, Multi-Station Cold Forging Nut, CNC High Precision Parts, Screws, Stainless Screws, SEMS Screws, Construction Carbon Screws, Construction Bolts, Special Stamping Parts, Welding Components
ARK Fastech Corp. Multi-Station Cold Forging Bolts, Multi-Station Cold Forging Nut, CNC High Precision Parts, Screws, Stainless Screws, SEMS Screws, Construction Carbon Screws, Construction Bolts, Special Stamping Parts, Welding Components
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