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Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine is a professional media for primary introduction of Taiwan/China manufacturers in various industries. We not only publish a variety of trade magazines including Plastics Source Magazine, Auto parts Magazine, Fastener Source Magazine, Packaging & Food Machinery Magazine, 3P(Plastics, Packaging & Printing) Magazine, but also Taiwan Auto parts Buyer's Guide(TAG), China Auto parts Buyer's Guide(CAG) as well as Plastics & Rubber Buyer's Guide(PRG). Welcome to Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine! You shall find better choices here for any demand on these products.

By participating in the wide range of trade shows and applying feature-rich search engine, we are able to offer invaluable information as well as relevant and reliable suppliers for the buyers who constantly log on our website. In addition, to enable our esteemed members to catch every business opportunity, we would provide updated lists of sought-after buyers from all around the world.

Welcome to log on our website to release trade news, business sales advertisement, new products distribution, manufacturing innovative technology information or trends in the fields of auto parts, plastics & rubber, fastener, food & packaging machinery.

For your further review on below specific items, please visit websites as:
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Food machinery:www.food-machinery007.com
Packaging machinery:www.packaging-machinery007.com
Hand tool machinery:www.handtool007.com
Machine tools:www.machinetools007.com

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any query, we have a strong team of professionals to assist you through internet services.

We are looking forward to your joining! E-mail: service@ap-magazine.com

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