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Piston Pin

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Chongqing Lange Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Lange Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[ China ]

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Manufacturer, Trading Company

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Piston Pin
Products Name: Piston Pin
Application: Toyota, Nissan, Hino, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Daewoo and Suzuki
Place Of Origin: China (mainland)
Payment Terms: T/T L/C

Products Information:

Products Name:Piston Pin

Features Specifications:Toyota series: EE80, 3K/5K, 12R/1S, 22RE, 2Y/4Y, 21RC, 18R, 2C new, 2C/1C, 2L, 2L, 3L, B/3B, 3B, 3B old, 1RZ, 2RZ, 2D-5G/2D4G, W04D/1W, 13B, 3BT/14BT, 1Z/R, 11BAD, 2RZFE, 2F/2FT, 1HZ, 5VZ/FE, F/A, 16R, 3R, 3VZE, 2VZ, 1MZFE, 7AFE, 4M, 4P, 5EFE, 5E and 2K
Nissan series: A12/A0, A15, CA20/CA18, CD17, LD28/LD20, SD22, SD23/SD25, TD25/TD27, BD25, PD6, PE6/RE8/RD8, PE6T, ND6/NE6/FE6, UD3/4/5/6/8, FE35T/FD35/ED33, FD6TA/B/C, ED30, Z24/KA245, KA24E, KA24DE, H20/E23, Z22E, Z22S/VG30/VG30E, VG30DE, TB-42/P680/P40, GA16, E16C, TDC10, GA13 and MA10
Isuzu series: 4FB1, C190, C240, 4JB1/4JA1, 4BC2, 6BD1/6BG1, 4HF1, 10PB1/6SA1, 10PC1/10PA1, 4BC1, 4BA1, DH100, E120-4G, E120-3G, W120-3Gold, 6QA1, 6SD1, 10PD1, 6SAIT, DA640/DA640-4G, DA640-5G, DA1204G, 4JG2, 4ZE1/4ZD1, C223old, 4ZC1, C223, 4FG1, 4ZB1, C221/C220, 4EE1, 4ZC1, 4EC1 and 4EC1T
Hino series: HO7D, EH700/HO7C, EM100, EB300, EK100/EK200, EH100, ED100, EF350/EF750/EF500, EP100, EL100, EB100, D3-50/D3-80, EH300, DS70, W04D/W06D, W06E/W06DA, EC100/KL400, DQ100 and DM100
Mitsubishi series: 4G33, 4G63, 4G54, 4DR5/S4E2, 4D55, 4D95, 6DS7/6DS5, 4D30/4D31, 6D4/6D15, 6D16, 8DC8/8DC82, 6D20, 6D22T/6D22, 8DC11/8DC9, 6DC/8DC, 6DC2/8DC2, 8DC4/8DC7, 6DSIT, 6DB/DB31/DB34, 4D33/4D34, 6D10/6D11, 4D32B, 4D32/4D31/4D30, S4E3/S6F, 4DR7, S4E6/S4S, 6G72, 4DR1, 4G64SSA, G52B, 4DQ5, 4G93, 4G62, 4G32, 4D65, KF31, 2G24/4G15, G15C and 2G21
Komatsu series: S6D155, S6D125, 4D120/6D120, S6D110, S6D105, 4D105-5, 4D95/6D95, S6KT
Honda series: B18A1/B18B1, ESA, EK/EP, D13/D15B, ED/EF1, EV/EW, G400, G150, GX240, GX160, F18A, F22A4/F22A1, C25A and BS1/ES1
Audi series: 100, M27/M28, 80GTE, 80 and 80GL
BMW series: 535/735, 3M/E7, 520/3161, 520i/320i
Cummins series: NT855, NG220-4G, 6BT, 6BTAA and 6CT
Daewoo series: D0846, 4D32, DH05W, M3 and TICO
Kia series: K3600S/K3500, K2700, SF, E4100, E2500, RF/R2 and 4EA
Benz series: OM355, OM360, OM352, M115/OM616, M102, 30DE, 200D/306D and M115B

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: Chongqing Lange Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Main Product: Brake disc
Address: No.65 North Jianxin Road, Jiangbei District,
Tel: 86-23-67698690
Fax: 86-23-67698691

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