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UCP208 Inserted/House Bearing

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Hefei Konlon Bearing Co. Ltd

Hefei Konlon Bearing Co. Ltd

[ China ]

Business Type:

Exporter, Importer,Manufacturer,Trading Company

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UCP208 Inserted/House Bearing
Products Name: UCP208 Inserted/House Bearing
Brand Name: konlon
Place Of Origin: China
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Minimun Order Quantity: 1-99 Set
Delivery Date: 5-45 days

Products Information:

Products Name:UCP208 Inserted/House Bearing

Features Specifications:Materials: chrome and stainless steel
Suitable for UCW201, UCW202, UCW203, UC201, UCP201, UCT201, UK204, UEL201, SA201, UCF201, UCFL201, UC202, UCP202, UCT202, UK205, UEL202, SA202, UCF202, UCFL202, UC203, UCP203, UCT203, UK206, UEL203, SA203, UCF203, UCFL203, UC204, UCP204, UCT204, UK207, UEL204, SA204, UCF204, UCFL204, UC205, UCP205, UCT205, UK208, UEL205, SA205, UCF205, UCFL205, UC206, UCP206, UCT206, UK209, UEL206, SA206, UCF206, UCFL206, UC207, UCP207, UCT207, UK210, UEL207, SA207, UCF207, UCFL207, UC208, UCP208, UCT208, UK211, UEL208, SA208, UCF208, UCFL208, UC209, UCP209, UCT209, UK212, UEL209, SA209, UCF209, UCFL209, UC210, UCP210, UCT210, UK213, UEL210, SA210, UCF210, UCFL210, UC211, UCP211, UCT211, UK214, UEL211, SA211, UCF211, UCFL211, UC212, UCP212, UCT212, UK215, UEL212, SA212, UCF212, UCFL212, UC213, UCP213, UCT213, UK216, UEL213, SA213, UCF213, UCFL213, UC214, UCP214, UCT214, UK217, UEL214, SA214, UCF214, UCFL214, UC215, UCP215, UCT215, UK218, UEL215, SA215, UCF215, UCFL215, UC216, UCP216, UCT216, UEL216, SA216, UCF216, UCFL216, UC217, UCP217, UCT217, UEL217, SA217, UCF217, UCFL217, UC218, UCP218, UCT218, UEL218, SA218, UCF218, UCFL218, UC305, UCP305, UCT305, UK305, UCPH204, UCF305, UCFL305, UC306, UCP306, UCT306, UK306, UCPH205, UCF306, UCFL306, UC307, UCP307, UCT307, UK307, UCPH206, UCF307, UCFL307, UC308, UCP308, UCT308, UK308, UCPH207, UCF308, UCFL308, UC309, UCP309, UCT309, UK309, UCPH208, UCF309, UCFL309, UC310, UCP310, UCT310, UK310, UCPH209, UCF310, UCFL310, UC311, UCP311, UCT311, UK311, UCPH210, UCF311, UCFL311, UC312, UCP312, UCT312, UK312, UCFB204, UCF312, UCFL312, UC313, UCP313, UCT313, UK313, UCFB205, UCF313, UCFL313, UC314, UCP314, UCT314, UK314, UCFB206, UCF314, UCFL314, UC315, UCP315, UCT315, UK315, UCFB207, CF315, UCFL315, UC316, UCP316, UCT316, UK316, UCFB208, UCF316, UCFL316, UC317, UCP317, UCT317, UK317, UCFB209, UCF317 and UCFL317 OEM orders are welcome

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: Hefei Konlon Bearing Co. Ltd
Business Type: Exporter, Importer,Manufacturer,Trading Company
Main Product: Auto Center Bearing Support
Number of Employees: 250-299 People
Main Markets: Central/South America
Western Europe
Address: 1 Jinzhai Road Hefei,Anhui,China
Tel: 86-551-3660196
Fax: 86-551-3671826
Contact: Mr  Zhang,Yonglin

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