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Exhaust Headers

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Thunder Exhaust System Co.,Ltd

Thunder Exhaust System Co.,Ltd

[ Taiwan ]

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Exhaust Headers
Products Name: Exhaust Headers
Model No: 00 - 04 ESCAPE 2.0 Header
Application: FORD

Products Information:

Products Name:Exhaust Headers

Features Specifications:The original the horsepower 99.44PS torque 14.79kgM.
Modified the first paragraph horsepower 105.63PS torque 15.48kg-M, enhance 6.19PS to horsepower, torque enhanced 0.69kg-M to change the whole difference between the starting torque and high-speed acceleration performance, can comment said to be "excellent", the owners converted, it can be said is a lighthearted feel.
All the connections between tubes and the flange are welded both on the interior and exterior to prevent breakage.
10mm-thick chrome-plated black iron flange.
2mm-thick SUS304 surface-polished stainless steel tube (42mm dia.).
2mm-thick SUS304 stamped and surface-polished stainless steel tube connector.
With spring and a bowl-shaped washer.
10mm-thick chrome-plated black iron flange.
2mm-thick SUS304 surface-polished stainless steel tube (50.8mm dia.).
Two-layer stainless steel flexible tube (50.8mm dia.).
Thunder's SUS304 stainless steel manifolds are low-noise and sturdy. With 2mm-thick tubes, unique in-house design, and HKS Dynojet horsepower test certification, we guarantee the superior quality of our manifolds and their extended operation lives!
Stainless steel assembled manifolds: Durable and rustproof.
Stainless steel exhaust pipes: Easily welded, sturdy.
Thick stainless steel tubes: low-noise and with longer operation life.
Fuse welding is better than pulse welding:
Standard pulse welding simply welds manifold pipes together. But the weakness is that the pipes become thinner after welding, with structural changes and a shorter operation life. However, welding with the addition of fusible material the same as that of the pipes does not compromise pipe-wall thickness, but rather strengthens and extends durability.
Exhaust Headers

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: Thunder Exhaust System Co.,Ltd
Main Product: Exhaust system, Exhaust muffler, Motorcycle exhaust pipe, Auto header, Turbo manifold, Motorcycle fish crape
Address: No.71-1, Shuiyuan St., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 238, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-8685-3310
Fax: 886-2-8685-7016
Contact: Sharita Wu

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