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Crankshaft For 6D14/15T

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Shenyang Hitop Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Hitop Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

[ China ]

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Crankshaft For 6D14/15T
Products Name: Crankshaft For 6D14/15T
Model No: komatsu
Brand Name: 6D14/15T

Products Information:

Products Name:Crankshaft For 6D14/15T

Features Specifications:We have the ability to make the crankshafts according to the customers samples and drawings. Caterpillar forged: 3306(4N7693); 3306(S6KT34320-10011); 3304(4N7692); Casting: S6K (E200B); 3304; 3306; 3304(4N7692); 3306(2-4N7693) Cummins forged: 4BT (3907803); 6BT (3907804); 6CT (3917320); NT855 (3029340); M11 (3073707); D6114; 740(240-1005008); Casting: 6BT; D85; NH-220-CL (D80A-12, D75S); HT250 (3960395/3903282); 4BT (3907803) 740 (5,511,153,212); Komatsu forged:4D31T, 4D95; 6D14/15T,6D31T,6D34T,S6D95,6D95L (6207-31-1100); 6D102 (6375-01-1310); 6D125(6151-31-1110); 6D95; Casting: 6D105(PC200-1.2.3); 4D105; 6D125(PC300); 4D130(D50p.20MT); 4D130(D50p, 20HT); 4D131; 4D132(D50p 20HT); 6D95(PC200-5); s6d155 (HB280); s6d155 (Hv600); s6d170 (HB280); s6d170 (Hv600); 4D95; 4D95L; 6D110(6D105T); 6D125(PC400-3,5); 4D130(PC120,D509,20MT);PC(S6D105)(3-6136-31-1110);PC(S6D110) (4-6138-31-1010);PC(S6D125)(5-6151-31-1010); PC(D85)( 6-6150-31-1120); PC (D155)( 7-6127-31-1012)3,406 Tofa casting: S75; DL; DG; S88; S89; Hino forged: EK100 (13400-1032); H06CT;H07C; DS70; Casting: WO4D; WO6E(FC164,FC166); H06C; H07C; FD6; FE6; EH700(FC172,175,177); EC100; EK100(ZM443); ED100 (XM400); EB300(ZH100,KB212); EF550(RU606,SS633); EF750(ZM440); FD6T; FE6T; W06E(FC166,FC164); W06F; W06E; Volvo forged: ITD123 (478676-0); Deutz forged: 226B; F8L413; F3L912; F4L912; F6L912; F8L513; F4L913; F6L913; F2L511; Casting: F3L912; F4L912; F6L912; F8L513; F4L913; F6L913; F2L511; 912;913; Scania forged: 6CIL/6CY (1308467); Romania forged: D2156; Casting: D2156; D750; Ifa forged: W50; Isuzu forged: C240; 4JAI (8944552401); 4JB1 (8944436620); 4JB1T (89444436621); 4BD1 (5123101631); 6BD1 (1123104370); 6BD1T (1123104070); 6BG1 (1123104480);6BG1T; 6HE1 (8943950250); 6HH1 (8943932884); 4BC2; C190; 6BB1 (76) (SBR380); 4BD1 (NPR59); 4BD1 (LT6512310631); 6BB1 (76) (SBR380); Casting: 6BD1 (1-12310437-0); 6BD1T; 6BB1; 6BG1; 4BD1 (LT6512310631);DH100 (TD72-5-123101631); 6QA1; 6RB1; 4JA1(NHR542,); 4JB1(NKH552,NHR); 4BC2; 4BC1; 4BC2; U.D.TK80-FD6-12207-75514; 4BE1; 4HF1; C190; C223; C240; 4ZB1; 4ZD1; 4BG1; 6HF1; 6QA1; 6RB1; 4BA1; 4ZE1; 8DC8; 8DC9; Iveco forged: SOFIM814023 (L) (984145959); SOFIM814023(S) (984119205); SOFIM814023C (99436105); Stere forged: WD615; WD618; WD616; Casting: WD615 (99,112,911,491) Mitsubishi forged: 4D30; 4D31; 4D34; 4G33; 4G63 (MD346023); 4G64(MD346027); 4G54; 6D15T (ME032800); 6D31T(ME082505); 4G18; Casting: 4G63; 4D30(FE211, BE211); 4D31; 4D32; 4D34(FE34E2); 4D55; 4D56; 4G33(L300); 4G41; 4G54(FC312BE,FC432C2); 6DS70A(T653,FK102); 6D14 6D15(FP415); 6D16(HD900SEU); 6D20 6D22(T850,FP418); 6DB10; S4E; S4F; S4S; 6DS7; 6DS70A; 6DS70A; 6D10; 6D14(FP415,FK415); 6D14(FP415,FK115); 6D22; 6DB10P; 4D30; 4G33; 4G41; 4DR5; 4D55; 4D56; 8DC80A; 8DC81A; 8DC20A; Suzuki forged: F8A; F10A; 462q; 465q; Casting: F8A; F10A Toyota forged: 13B; Casting: 1Y(YH50,60); 2Y(YY50,51,60); 3Y; 4Y(YN60,61YU60,61); 5R(RY16,31RU12,15); 12R(RT30,RH20,RY20); 2L(LN,100); 2H; 1Z; IDZ; 4P; 5K; 4K; 3K; 1B 2B 3B; 13B; 14B; 11Z; 12Z; 2Z; 22R; Nissan forged: NE6 Casting: PE6 (K-CD45); PD6 (Ptl81, CKL, TKL); RD8 (CW50, CKA50CW51, CWA52); SD22; SD23; ND6 (CK10); NE6 (CK12); PD6 (PTL81,CKL); PE6 (CWA45,K-CD45); RD8(CW50,CW51); RE8 Daihatsu forged: 370Q Casting: TF Mazda forged: 6BT; DS70 casting: RF; R2; VA; NA; SL; E2000; H; Benz casting: OM352; OM352A (2216, 1516, S411); OM355/5 (1519); OM355/6(2624); OM402 Ford forged: CK302 Casting: v702 (xrie-6a266-bc); v702 (xrie-6a267-bc); v702 (xrie-6a268-bc); v702 (xrie-6a269-bc); v03 (irie-6a266-ca); 16(3r23-625q-b); 3d (2800-24); 6.8L (yc2e-6a306-aa); v03 (irip6375-aa3); d351 (42CrMo); v8 series (fd.302.350.460454); Ford V8 casting: M375 (429-862561); 442 (10442); 3250(3023250f); g3250f (3023250f); 3250c (3023250c); g3250c (3023250c); 3375l (350375L); 3375(35037557); 3376l (3503756L); 3385l (35038057L); 3385 (35038057); 4375 (40037557); 4376(40037560); 4356 (40035060); 351f (10351wf); 351c (10351wc); 351r (10351wr); k351 (k351r); 239f (239foor); a514 (a51401); 4500(4004500220); 4300 (4004300220); 4150 (4004150220); 526 (1052601); 454(10454); 7256 (p5007256); g7256(p5007257); 7257(p5007257); g7257(p5007257); Cato casting: 6D31; Vw casting: vwb4 (484211); vwb2 (484211); vw78.8 (47882111); vw69 (4692111); Ford V12 casting: v702 (6303-da); vd3 (6303-ca); Bedford forged: Vauxhall; ShardlowShaheryar; Casting: J6-330; 220 IRQI casting: SW680 LADA casting: 2101-105015; BOLZA casting: 20KG; M-2120KG AUTOSAN casting: 6CT107-C133A6-1C115 Chevrolet forged: V8 cylinder Cato casting: 6D31 HONDA forged: B18 ;B20 USARace car V8 Forged crankshaft: 1.351 series 35135005956 35135006200 35137506200 35138505956 35138506200 35137506125 35140006200 35141006200 35141706200 35141706125 2.352 series(351cc) 35235006200 35237506200 35240006200 35241006200 3.302 series 30230005090 30231005400 30232505400 30234005400 4. 400 series 40034805700 40034806000 40035005700 40035006000 40035626000 40036256000 40037506000 40038756000 40040006000 5. 350 series 35034805700 35035005700 35035625700 35036255700 35034805700CL 35037505700CL 35037505700 35037506000 35038756000 35040006000 6.454 series 45440006135 45437666135 45442506385 45445006385 7.440 series 44037506760 44041506760 8. Japan ect 4JB1 4JA1 4G63 4G64 F10A F8A 6D95 S6k 4JB1T 4BG1 474 B18 VW1.6 Italy iveco 40-10 39-10 49-10 Cast-iron crankshaft 1.USA 30230005090 30231005400 30234005400 30232505400 30234705400 GM173 529C 383C 350C 350CL 383CL 45440006135 45442506385 45440006135CL 45542102200 45542502200 45540042102200

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: Shenyang Hitop Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Product: Automobiles,construction equipment,mining equipment and related parts
Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
Main Markets: North America South America Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Africa Oceania Mid East Eastern Asia Western Europe
Address: No.73 Xiaoxi Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Tel: 86-24-62238851 62238852 62238853
Fax: 86-24-62238856
Contact: Mr. Yiran Tan

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