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Combination Cooler And Freezer By Various Sizes

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True Ten Industrial Co.,Ltd.

True Ten Industrial Co.,Ltd.

[ Taiwan ]

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Manufacturer, Trading Company

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Combination Cooler And Freezer By Various Sizes
Products Name: Combination Cooler And Freezer By Various Sizes

Products Information:

Products Name:Combination Cooler And Freezer By Various Sizes

Features Specifications:Characteristic:
Professionally Used To Keep Freshness:
1. Detachable built-up pings; available within the range from one to one hundred pings; possible to be assembled in accordance with the topography; quick installation; saving time & labor.
2. Easy assembly and detachment; flexible for the allowance to change the size by changing the ping number even when it is built-up easy to expand and convenient when transporting.
3. PU one-piece foam super light board is used as construction; best thermo-regulation effect and no leakage.
4. Firm construction; fire-proof and well-stored goods.
5. Separating universal refrigerating system is adopted to give such advantages as quiet, power-saving, lasting, total-automatic control with moistening device; suitable for storage of flowers, vegetables and fruits.
6. Application: Bakery stuff, drugs, milks, electric parts, refrigerating food, vegetables, fruits, fresh flowers, seafood, meat and the like appearing in supermarkets, restaurants and other such places.

Apply Temperature
Plate Thickness Temperature
60m/m +5°C~ +10°C
110m/m 0°C~ -30°C
150m/m -30°Cdown
Object Highness
Thickness Inside Highness
2115m/m (7ft) 2420m/m (8ft) 2725m/m (9ft)
60m/m (2*(3/8)") 2115 m/m (7ft) 2420m/m (8ft) 2725m/m (9ft)
110m/m (4") 2115 m/m (7ft) 2420m/m (8ft) 2725m/m (9ft)

Combination Cooler And Freezer By Various Sizes

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: True Ten Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Main Product: Freeze Dry,Vacuum Freeze Dryer
Address: No.511 Dongxing Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412 Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-24063368
Fax: 886-4-24069077
Contact: Ms Lin

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