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High Speed Cheese Type Winder

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Shing Tsao Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shing Tsao Machinery Co., Ltd.

[ Taiwan ]

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Manufacturer, Trading Company

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High Speed Cheese Type Winder
Products Name: High Speed Cheese Type Winder
Model No: SHW Type

Products Information:

Products Name:High Speed Cheese Type Winder

Features Specifications:The electronic tension controller with high technology not only controls torque precisely but also makes high speed up to 400m/min.
Cams and devices with high quality are effective to reduce consumption and ectend product life.
The easier way to operate, the higher efficiency to achieve.
Application :
PP & PE circular woven fabrics, bags and container bags, etc.

Flat Yarn Sizes 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm
No. of Spindles 128 168 176
Torque Motor 10 kg-cm x 128 10 kg-cm x 168 10 kg-cm x 176
Winding Speed Max. 400m/min
Tube Size Inside diameter : 38 mm (Size is changeable)
Tube Length 220 mm, 230 mm, 280 mm
traverse Length 203 mm, 254 mm
Package Diameter Max. 200 mm
Yarn Shape Cylindrical
Yarn Pattern Cross
Yarn Tension 60-150 CN(g), Automatic tension controlling.
Yarn Pressure Starting : 5-10 kg, Ending : 5-7 kg
Application PP, PE
Power Supply 200V, 3P, 60Hz

Manufacturer Introduce:

Company Name: Shing Tsao Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Product: Parallel Cheese Type Winder, High Speed Cheese Type Winder, Low Speed Cheese Type Winder, Flange Type Winder ,Pirn Type Winder ,Fabric Cheese Type Winder ,Fabric Machine, Hot Cutting Machine, Twist Machine
Address: No.34,Jhongshan Rd., Minsyong Industrial Park, Chiayi Hsien 621,Taiwan
Tel: 886-5-2219933
Fax: 886-5-2211742

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