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All Induction Tech Co.,Ltd.
All Induction Tech Co.,Ltd.
All Induction Tech Co.,Ltd.
  • Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Stand

    Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Stand(AF-2000W/AF-3000W)

  • Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Stand(Stainless Type)

    Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Stand(Stainless Type)(AS-2000W/AS-3000W)

  • Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Conveyor

    Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Conveyor(AFC-2000W/AFC-3000W)

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment(AF-12KW)

  • Table-Top Semi-Auto Capping Machine

    Table-Top Semi-Auto Capping Machine(ALL-120)

  • Cap Lining Machine

    Cap Lining Machine(ALL-912)

  • Cap Sealer

    Cap Sealer(AFC-2000W/AFC-3000W)

  • Cap Sealer

    Cap Sealer(AF-2000W)

  • Cap Sealer

    Cap Sealer(AF-500W)

About Us

All Induction Tech.Co.,Ltd is the professional company for the design and manufacture of "Inducton alumninum foil cap sealer" and Heating machine.We not only have the most professional,high-tech group who devoted in R&D, design and manufacturing production,but also insist on four characteristics:outstanding quality,safety operation,ease maintenance,and super efficiency.Aiming to the above the good service sprit and respect our consumer first,we offer the complete and quick after-sale service,to protect our clients right,All Induction Tech.Co.,Ltd is the best choice of Taiwan related industries.

Contact Us

Company Name:All Induction Tech Co.,Ltd.

Product:Cap Sealer

Address:No.36, Shueijing St.,Beitun District,Taichung City 406,Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-24379895

Fax: 886-4-24379859

  • Table-Top Semi-Auto Capping MachineTable-Top Semi-Auto Capping Machine(ALL-120)
  • Cap SealerCap Sealer(AF-2000W)
  • Cap SealerCap Sealer(AF-500W)
  • Heat TreatmentHeat Treatment(AF-12KW)
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