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  • Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine

    Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine(MNE-SE Series)

  • Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine

    Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine(MNE-SEL Series)

  • Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine

    Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Extrusion Machine(MNE-H Series)

  • Two Color Blown Film Machine

    Two Color Blown Film Machine(TCP-H Series)

  • PP Blown Film Machine

    PP Blown Film Machine(PP-H Series)

  • LLDPE Blow Film Machine

    LLDPE Blow Film Machine(LLDPE-FTE Series)

  • PE Waterproof Sheet Casting Extrusion Machine

    PE Waterproof Sheet Casting Extrusion Machine(EXP-TN Series)

  • 3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

    3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine(THDP Series)

  • Water Cooling Downstream 2-Layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

    Water Cooling Downstream 2-Layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine(MPP Series)

  • Flexographic Printing Machine

    Flexographic Printing Machine(CF-2 Series)

  • Flexographic High Speed Printing Machine

    Flexographic High Speed Printing Machine(CH-HS 4 Series)

  • Waste Plastic Reclamation & Pellet Regenerating Machine (Die-cut type)

    Waste Plastic Reclamation & Pellet Regenerating Machine (Die-cut type)(CD-FDC Series)

  • Automatic 2-Layer T-Shirt Bag Making Machine

    Automatic 2-Layer T-Shirt Bag Making Machine(CB2P Series)

  • High Speed Continuous Flat Bag Dotting Machine

    High Speed Continuous Flat Bag Dotting Machine(CH2 Series)

  • Rotogravure Printing Machine

    Rotogravure Printing Machine(HWPL)

About Us

We, CHYI YANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. were set up in 1965, are inseparably linked with the life and development of plastic machinery in Taiwan. The 2nd eldest producer of plastic machinery and holds the reputation of being a reliable business partner. Our immortal goal is to improve & upgrade ourselves continuously and endless and to achieve the level of technology and production management which will ensure high quality of all products and services. We do hope to attract and care for customers by following the fundamental principles such as correct and refined manners in business relations, as well as skilled, flexible and reasonable management, to create a new era in PLASTICS.
A team of about 50 highly skilled people together with a variety of modern technology for all necessary treatment, and the know-how and experience gained during past years in machines for plastics processing, are the guarantee for high quality products. Continuously, endless endeavors and efforts to enable us to make more progresses step by step and day by day, we wish to win your continuous supports to us, it would be the main power to move us ahead.
We are the first "Plastic Film Extruder Manufacturer" got "CE" mark in 2001 from TUV, the most top CE inspection company in Germany & well-known all over the world
Our dear clients and potential buyers, we wish you choose right factory to feel the real differences.

Production Lines
CHYI YANG Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly produce plastic film machinery whole plant equipment, including "extruders, PE blown film machine, PP blown film machine, PVC shrinkable film making machine, PE stretch / cling film making machine, PE shrinkable film making machine, 2/3/5-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, Zipper bag making machine, PP pearl ribbon making machine, PE waterproof sheet casting extrusion machine, 1/2/4/6 colors flexographic printing machine, various bag making machines and sealing & cutting machines, recycling & palletizing machines etc.
We are able to produce Extruder machines from 35 mm to 150 mm screw diameter, from 1 single layer film machines up to 5 layers film extruder machines, and also can produce a wide range of film from 50mm to 4200mm width. The finished products include PE shopping bags, PP garment bags, PE zipper bags, PE Cling film, PVC shrinkable film, PE Stretch film, PE waterproof film for baby diaper & sanitary napkin etc.
Any of our extruder machines can be equipped with all accessories that customers need to produce their products as rotary die device, auto-loader, surface treater, static electricity eliminator, DC motor, inverter controlled motor, width tubular controller, air compressor, chiller etc.
The flexographic printing machines are suitable to print PE film, PP film, PS bags, some kinds of rolling paper, packing paper & glass paper. The bag making machine and sealing and cutting machine are for producing flat bag, T-shirt bag, garbage bag, side sealing bag, dotting bags, folding bag, glove bag & various bags. The final step is Recycling and palletizing machine for recycling PE, PP, PS sheet and re-palletize in order to use to save the resin cost.

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Address:No.11, Dinghu 3rd St., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan

Tel: 886-3-3288686

Fax: 886-3-3283737

Contact:Miss Guo

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