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  • Double Glass Optical Sorting Machine

    Double Glass Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-DG-09)

  • Electronic Screw Optical Sorting Machine

    Electronic Screw Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-ED-09)

  • Eddy Current Sorting Machine

    Eddy Current Sorting Machine(FFS-V-08)

  • 2D Optical Inspection Machine

    2D Optical Inspection Machine(FOI-2D-08)

  • Glass Optical Sorting Machine

    Glass Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-G-07)

  • Conveyor Optical Sorting Machine

    Conveyor Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-C-07)

  • Rotatory Plate Optical Sorting Machine

    Rotatory Plate Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-D-07)

About Us

Chun Chan Tech Co., LTD was established in 2004, is devoted to the design and manufacture of precision inspection machine, automatic equipment and vision system development. We use advanced technology in our products, especially in the Optics, Machine Vision, and Mechatronics, to promote the quality and quantity for sorting customers products.
Our products can be applied to many industries, such as Fastener Industry (nuts, screw, rivet, roller, washer, stud), rubber (O-ring, seal, and packing), Electronic Industry, Metal Industry, Plastics Industry, etc. According to the demand of different products, we can provide with different equipment that all researched and developed by us.
Chun Chan Tech Co., LTD not only supplies the excellent products, but also supplies technology and cordial services for our customer. We hold absolute advantage on price, providing customized project and subtle analysis to the need of exceptional part inspection.
We are experienced in sorting technology and our market territory has been reached to USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan, too.

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Product:Precise Sorting Machine, Plate Optical Sorting Machine, Glass Optical Sorting Machine, Conveyor Optical Sorting Machine, Eddy Current Sorting Machine, Electronic Screw Optical Sorting Machine, Double Glass Optical Sorting Machine, 2D Optical Inspection Machine

Main Markets:USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, India, Malaysia and Taiwan

Address:No.2-1, Lane 72, Yucai Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, 820 Taiwan

Tel: 886-7-6235228

Fax: 886-7-6234613

Contact:Ms. Chang

  • Glass Optical Sorting MachineGlass Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-G-07)
  • Electronic Screw Optical Sorting MachineElectronic Screw Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-ED-09)
  • Conveyor Optical Sorting MachineConveyor Optical Sorting Machine(FOS-C-07)
  • 2D Optical Inspection Machine2D Optical Inspection Machine(FOI-2D-08)
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