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Champ Oil Seals Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Champ Oil Seals Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Champ Oil Seals Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Unitized Oil Seal

    Unitized Oil Seal

  • Static Seal

    Static Seal

  • Piston Rod Seal

    Piston Rod Seal

  • Wiper Seal

    Wiper Seal

  • Oil Seal

    Oil Seal(K Type Characteristics)

  • Oil Seal

    Oil Seal(V Type Characteristics)

  • Oil Seal

    Oil Seal(T Type Characteristics)

  • Oil Seal

    Oil Seal(S Type Characteristics)

  • Oil Seal - Seal For ABS Braking System

    Oil Seal - Seal For ABS Braking System

  • Oil Seal - Cassette Seals

    Oil Seal - Cassette Seals

  • Oil Seal-PTFE Seal

    Oil Seal-PTFE Seal

  • Oil Seal-Pinion Seal

    Oil Seal-Pinion Seal

  • Multiple Rubbers

    Multiple Rubbers

  • Oil Seal-Flange Seal

    Oil Seal-Flange Seal

  • Oil Seal-Double Lips Seal

    Oil Seal-Double Lips Seal

About Us

CHO & Aftermarket Sealing Products
Chu Hung Oil seal company Ltd, or CHO Sealing Technologies, as it is better known started in the early 1980s in Taiwan when the owner, Mr. Sheng-Huang Wang identified a requirement in the marketplace for relatively low volume, highly specialised quality seals. Over the past 25 years, CHOs expertise has been developed and expanded as the company has grown to $15m Turnover and is now supplying OEMs and Aftermarket customers in over 150 countries.

CHOs significant growth, particularly over the last 5 years, has been the result of the commitment to Continuous Improvement, and drive to satisfy its ever demanding customers needs in terms of both products and services. The 13,000 m² purpose built new factory was completed in 2007 to ensure CHO can maintain the same levels of service & product quality to its ever increasing customer base and product range. CHOs mission is to be the number one preferred supplier for Rotary Sealing Products by continuously improving to meet and exceed its customers needs.

The experience and knowledge of CHOs design and development team means that they can usually provide a design solution for a new application within days. Using the latest 3D parametric CAD Technologies for both product and mould design allows CHO to successfully design and manufacture an average of 100 new seal designs / sizes through to production every month.

From simple single lip seals, to more complex cassette seals, to the latest PTFE seal designs, CHO prides itself on its exceptional quality of seal and mould design to provide the customer with the most cost effective sealing solution.


It is well known in the Sealing Industry that the CONSISTENCY of the manufacturing processes are one of the key differentiators between a good and poor seal manufacturer. CHOs understanding of the significant characteristics of seals, and the monitoring and control of theses features provide this consistency from batch to batch.

Also ,the flexibility of both our ERP system and manufacturing facilities provides CHO with the capability of manufacturing small to large batch sizes in the most cost effective manner.

Also, CHOs Continuous Improvement Program provides the platform for investments in the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques, thus ensuring the high efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing that CHO are renowned for. KPI measures such as on-time delivery and PPM rejects are key drivers to continuous improvements ensuring each process adds maximum value, thus maintaining low costs.

Company Overview Design

Company Processes And Capabi l i t ies


At Cho we recognise that good seal design starts with the right material selection for the application, which is why we put so much time and effort in developing and testing our ever-increasing range of materials. Our Material Knowledge and testing capabilities are the key elements that ensure the seals that we manufacture are suitable for our customers products and the conditions they are expected to work in.

We have a wide range of compound grades for each elastomer class, which satisfy most conditions & applications, but for any special requirements we work in partnership with our suppliers to provide a tailor made solution.

Once the correct compound has been selected, whether it be for prototype or full production, every batch of rubber has to pass our stringent test specifications, and all batches of seals are traceable to rubber batches and the respective test data.

Typical tests include rheometry, specific gravity, tensile strength / elongation, Modulus, hardness, dispersion rates, etc.

The prototype development team work seamlessly with the design and production teams to ensure designs are optimal for manufacturing before any designs are approved. This close working relationship and experience is a key success factor at CHO, which enables us to manufacture seals utilising the most cost effective manufacturing methods.

Before being approved for production, samples are manufactured from each cavity which are then inspected using the latest 3D probe / vision inspection system to check the actual profile meets the specified specification.

Tool Development

CHOs commitment to Quality at every stage from the first step of understanding the customers requirements through to final packing and shipping to the customers premises is exemplified by the high quality of services and product that CHO provides.

At each stage of both prototype and full scale production, materials and processes are checked, controlled and traceable, using the latest inspection / test equipment.

From temperature controlled rubber storage rooms to rubber batch testing, monitoring of moulding machine parameters, visual and measurement checks of seals, including SPC of significant characteristics all ensure CHO supply consistent quality seals.

Working to ISO-TS requirements, offering full PPAP documentation, CHO pride themselves on the high quality level of the product and service that CHO provides, but this is continuously being monitored and improved as part of our Continuous Improvement philosophy.

Our test facilities are used to continuously develop our seal designs and materials, for both existing and new applications. They are also used to verify prototype seals for specific customers, usually to International or customer Standards.

The various test facilities at CHO allow seals to be tested under controlled conditions they will endure in the application, such as speed cycling, temperature changes, pressure, shaft eccentricities and housing offsets, etc.

Contact Us

Company Name:Champ Oil Seals Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Product:Various special oil seals for Automobile, Truck, Trailer, Forklift truck, heavy duty machine, Industrial oil seals, and Rubber sealing molded parts.

Address:10, Yung-Hsing Rd. , Nantou City (54067) Taiwan

Tel: 886-49-2256276

Fax: 886-49-2256295

Contact:Winston Lai

  • Wiper SealWiper Seal
  • Oil Seal-Flange SealOil Seal-Flange Seal
  • Piston Rod SealPiston Rod Seal
  • Oil Seal-Double Lips SealOil Seal-Double Lips Seal
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