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Chin Yen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Chin Yen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Chin Yen Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Label Applicator with Stand

    Label Applicator with Stand(CY-100)

  • Automatic Top Labeling Machine

    Automatic Top Labeling Machine(CY-1000)

  • Automatic Bottom Labeling Machine

    Automatic Bottom Labeling Machine(CY-1100)

  • Automatic Top & Bottom Labeling Machine

    Automatic Top & Bottom Labeling Machine(CY-1300)

  • Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Labeling Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Labeling Machine(CY-1500)

  • Automatic Wrap-around Labeling Machine

    Automatic Wrap-around Labeling Machine(CY-2000)

  • Automatic Front & Back Labeling Machine

    Automatic Front & Back Labeling Machine(CY-3000)

  • Automatic Panel Labeling Machine

    Automatic Panel Labeling Machine(CY-3100)

  • Automatic Vacuum Labeling Machine

    Automatic Vacuum Labeling Machine(CY-900)

  • Automatic Leak Tester

    Automatic Leak Tester(CY-500)

  • Label Peeling Machine

    Label Peeling Machine(CY-LS)

  • Label Counter

    Label Counter(CY-LC)

About Us

CHIN YEN MACHINERY CO., LTD was established in 1995, a professional manufacturer of Labeling Machine in Taichung County, Taiwan. Because the "human factor" is the first consideration in our designs, we have developed various machines with simply and easily operated functions. Our design of flexibility is convenient to link production line and contribute to customer to raise productivity.
We have won the high affirmation from many customers because we have abundant experiences over ten years, such as Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China were having our customers. Our product range includes machinery for production in various fields: food, pharmaceutical, electronic, cosmetics, soft drinks, wine-making industries and others need to use labels in the packing.
In order to meet your application needs, we combine outstanding creativity with technology to design the best labeling machines. With the use of Quality Management System (QMS) we will assure you of high quality services. Chin-Yen will not only focusing on order - fulfillment process but also promoting continuous improvement of quality of our products and become your cooperation partner.

Contact Us

Company Name:Chin Yen Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Product:Top Labeller,Wrap-Rolling Labeller,Wrap-Around Labeller,Suck Labeller,Front and Back Labeller,Leak Testing Machine

Address:No. 262-2, Sihu Rd., Dist., Taichung City 41263, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-24951410

Fax: 886-4-24953233

  • Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Labeling MachineAutomatic Horizontal Wraparound Labeling Machine(CY-1500)
  • Label Applicator with StandLabel Applicator with Stand(CY-100)
  • Automatic Wrap-around Labeling MachineAutomatic Wrap-around Labeling Machine(CY-2000)
  • Automatic Top Labeling MachineAutomatic Top Labeling Machine(CY-1000)
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