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Esleeve EVERSLEEVE Enterprise Co.Ltd.
Esleeve EVERSLEEVE Enterprise Co.Ltd.
Esleeve EVERSLEEVE Enterprise Co.Ltd.
  • High Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    High Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-600)

  • Double Head Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    Double Head Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-450HD)

  • Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-500)

  • Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-450)

  • Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-3200)

  • Low Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine

    Low Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-1200)

  • Accumulating Unwind

    Accumulating Unwind

  • Dryer


  • Steam Shrink Tunnel

    Steam Shrink Tunnel

  • Electric Shrink Tunnel

    Electric Shrink Tunnel

  • Pre-Shrink & Focus Heat Device

    Pre-Shrink & Focus Heat Device

  • Bullet


  • Bottle Feeding Screw

    Bottle Feeding Screw

  • Cutter


About Us

The specialties of Esleeve Enterprise are the manufacturing of Auto-matic Shrinking Sleeve Labeling Machines. The Company is established at the year of 1995. We have our own industrial factory building and advanced processing equipment. From the day of our establishment, we keep an esprit and a mind of "sincerity, steadfastness and pursuance of distinction", insist on not exaggerating but maintain a spirit of busi-nesslike attitude in search of development and render the best service to our clientele. We obtain many patents due to we continuously research and developing on the design of machinery base on the user point of view. The result of which are to enable them to cut down the cost of labor so as to enhance them to be more competitive in the market share.
Peculiarity of Manufacture:
Super Heavy-duty in Mechanical Structure:
T6 aluminum alloy and stainless steel material are adopted on the machinery body, it looks blazonry and munificent tout ensemble. No belt is visible exteriorly, thus the security is very high. 85% of the machinery parts are self-manufactured within our factory, therefore, we can have an ef-fective quality control and are able to cut down the production cost.
Easy to operate, handy and fast:
In the occasion of changing specification, the adjustment is simple and fast! In the event that the diameter of the bottles are within the range of 25 to 155, it shall not be necessary to adjust the cutter knifes, thus the time for changing lines is saved. The Mitsubishi, Siemens PLC and servo-drive are adopted, and the Human-machine interface setting and ad-justing are also put in use effectively which makes the operating even easier. We are developing and testing the Allen Bradley system at the moment and it should be announced and presented to the public in the near future.
Having patents on many designed items:
The rotate device used in the heat shrinking -- to settle the problems on the uneven heating of labels and on the ill-shrinkage thereof. This device is especially suitable to be used in the compact disc pudding tubes and irregular bottles.
The cutting device on the unique knife tray -- no need for belt drive, the actions of exchange or maintenance become fast and accurate, and the cutting edges even and tidy. The Japanese made industrial art blades are used on the cutter knives which enable the machine to lengthen its service life.
Patent designed label drive mechanism -- only one pivot button is to be adjusted to move four driving support trundles synchronously, therefore, it is very easy to replace the center guiding pillar.

Contact Us

Company Name:Esleeve EVERSLEEVE Enterprise Co.Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer

Product:Automatic Shrink Sleeving Machine

Main Markets:Global

Address:No.3, Shi 3rd Rd., Yangmei City, Taoyuan County 326, Taiwan

Tel: 886-3-4961668

Fax: 886-3-4961800


  • Pre-Shrink & Focus Heat DevicePre-Shrink & Focus Heat Device
  • Low Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving MachineLow Speed Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-1200)
  • Bottle Feeding ScrewBottle Feeding Screw
  • Auto Shrink Sleeving MachineAuto Shrink Sleeving Machine(ESM-450)
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