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Great Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Great Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Great Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Ball Stud

    Ball Stud

  • Ball Studs

    Ball Studs

  • Suspension Housing

    Suspension Housing

  • Steering Housing

    Steering Housing

  • Ball Rod

    Ball Rod

  • Ball Pins

    Ball Pins

  • Rack End

    Rack End(Professional)

  • Rack End

    Rack End(Professional)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REFD-0424)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(RETY-3750)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REVW-80665)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REFD-0328)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REDG-0407)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(RECV-80191)

  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods

    Rack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REDG-0403)

About Us

History -
Reengineering and Established in 2005, Great Auto Parts inherits 30+ years of manufacture experience in auto suspension parts and steering chassis parts from family. Great Auto is known for its Ball Studs and Ball Rod/Pin components used in automobiles steering and suspension systems. This includes Tie Rod Ends, Ball Joints, Stabilizer Links, Control Arms, Drag Links, Idler Arms and numerous other steering parts used in automobiles produced worldwide.

- One continuous line production -
With a technical and manufacturing team that engages in large volume production of mature products, it is necessary to maintain rigorous step-by-step processes, and first-class production equipment, along with a certified professional technical staff. In order to gain complete control over production and its related manufacturing costs, we are vertically integrated from receipt of raw material to final shipment of the product. This includes forging, sand blasting, CNC machining, shot peening, ball burnishing, thread rolling, and all related in process and final assembly testing and packaging. In order to further shorten our delivery schedules,we have introduced large-scale robotic arms, to improve our productivity and lead times.

- Employee Care -
Our production equipment is designed to provide employee protection, as we are well aware of our responsibility to prove the upmost safety for our employees and their working environment.
We support the idea that "Customer Is King" and committed to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Contact Us

Company Name:Great Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Business Type:Export,Manufacture

Product:Ball Stud, Ball Rod, Ball Pins, Rack End, Inner Tie Rod End, Housings for Rack Ends , Ball Joints and Stabilizer Links, Suspension Housing, Steering Housing,Suspension parts, Steering parts, Chassis parts,Suspension parts, Steering parts, Chassis parts

Main Markets:Global

Address:No.51, Jing 3rd Rd., C.E.P.Z. Wuchi District, Taichung City 43541, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-26595757#200

Fax: 886-4-26595758

  • Ball PinsBall Pins
  • Rack Ends/Inner Tie RodsRack Ends/Inner Tie Rods(REDG-0403)
  • Rack EndRack End(Professional)
  • Rack EndRack End(REDG-80702/EV80702)
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