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Small Styrofoam Compactor
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Small Styrofoam Compactor
Small Styrofoam Compactor

Products Information:

Products Name: Small Styrofoam Compactor

Model No: SP130

Features Specifications:

Motor Power:1.5 KW
Output:15-20 kg/h
Voltage:Single phase, 110V/220V
Small Styrofoam Compactor Detail Features
1. Small styrofoam compactor is a machine to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foam and expanded polypropylene foam
2. Styrofoam blocks compacted by small styrofoam compactor achieve 40 times volume reduction. 3. Small styrofoam compactor is widely used in small sized institutes such as sea food processing plant, electronic shops, white goods and black goods stores.
4. Small styrofoam compactor can help users to save stocking, transporting and disposing costs.
5. Small styrofoam compactor helps users to recycle and get paid instead of paying for landfill.
6. Small styrofoam compactor is safe and easy to operate.
7. Small styrofoam compactor is low power consumption, low noise and low dust.

About Us:

HARDEN INDUSTRIES is a plastic machinery manufacturer based in China.The company specialized in components of plastic extruders, downstream extrusion equipments, and plastic recycling equipments. With co-operation with our European and American partners, we keep improving our product quality and technology level. All of our products are manufactured in China with good quality and competitive prices.

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