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Hun Ming Hardware & Spring Works
Hun Ming Hardware & Spring Works
Hun Ming Hardware & Spring Works
  • Brake System Parts

    Brake System Parts

  • Volute Clock-Shape Spings

    Volute Clock-Shape Spings

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  • Compressed Springs

    Compressed Springs

  • Torsion Springs

    Torsion Springs

  • Tension Springs

    Tension Springs

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  • Leaf Springs

    Leaf Springs

About Us

Hun Ming Hardware & Sping Works was founded in October 1978.In the industrial spirit of technical service and keeping improvement,we overcame many adversities to get stable growth,and then developed and thrived on the basis of stabilization.
The development of an industrial group is not only to organize the enterprise,but also need to have a foresighted enterpriser and a group of employees with good comscientiousness and team spirit;so the enterprise is the same as a machine running day and night,which must depend upon countless small springs to achieve best function.From pattern design,manufacturing,quality control to finished product delivery,everyone in the Company always devotes to providing you with economical and fast cooperation by means of best spring quality so that your products will be much prodominant.We are sure that we will be your best business partner at the time when the precise machine industry is growing continuously.

Contact Us

Company Name:Hun Ming Hardware & Spring Works

Product:Bent piece springs,Volute clock shape springs,Punched piece springs,Compressed springs,Torsion springs,Tension spings,Shock-absorbing spiral springs,Shock-absorbing tension springs,Development and production of sprcial specilications,products,parts,components and accessories

Address:No.41,Lane 190,ChengNan 1 St.,Yung Kang City,Tainan Hsien,Taiwan,R.O.C.

Tel: 886-6-2535288/9

Fax: 886-6-2538180

Contact:Kun-Ming Hung

  • Leaf SpringsLeaf Springs
  • Brake System PartsBrake System Parts
  • Torsion SpringsTorsion Springs
  • Compressed SpringsCompressed Springs
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