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  • Twin Screw Extruder(SHJ-78H/high Performance)

    Twin Screw Extruder(SHJ-78H/high Performance)

  • Twin/Single Screw Extruder

    Twin/Single Screw Extruder(STJ-78/180)

  • Twin Screw Extruder

    Twin Screw Extruder(SPJ-38)

  • T-Die


  • Mulri-channel feeder equipment

    Mulri-channel feeder equipment

  • Hydraulic Screen changer

    Hydraulic Screen changer

  • Air-Cooled Die Face Heat Cutting Device

    Air-Cooled Die Face Heat Cutting Device

  • Hydraulic Screen changer

    Hydraulic Screen changer

  • Hydraulic Screen changer

    Hydraulic Screen changer

About Us

Located in Lanzhou, Lantai Plastics Machinery was created by Rubber & Plastics Machinery Research Institute of Tianhua Chemical Machinery and Automation Research Institute. As the birthplace of twin screw extruders in China, Lantai has been engaged in researching and developing screw extruder for more than 50 years. Our company has undertaken many research items from the National Committee of Science and Technology, SINOPEC and the Ministry of Chemical Industry. We have developed more than 15 new machines so far. Some of them got innovation prizes, progress prizes of science and technology, and many province prizes.
Lantai products cover a wide range, such as twin-screw compounding extruder, two-stage compounding extruder, co-rotating twin screw extruder, volumetric feeder, vertical forced feeder, loss-in-weight feeder, water-cooling strand pelletizing line, air-cooling hot-face pelletizing line, underwater pelletizing line, programmable computer controller, hydraulic quick screen changer, manual quick screen changer, vibration screen, centrifuge, dryer, batching system, mixer, etc.
Quality Control:
We have reliable quality control system. Our products have gained CE and ISO9001 international quality system certification. The co-rotating twin screw extruder is entitled as "National New Product". Lantai is approved as the twin-screw extruder technical support unit by the ministry of science and technology. Besides, we also draft two Chinese industry standards: JB/T5420-2001 Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder and JB/T5417-91 Plastic Degassing Extruder.
We have lots of experience of manufacturing plastics machinery. With about 2100m2 construction area, our company possesses more than 60 sets processing equipments, six sister factories, three labs, five worktables, two multi-functional inspecting stands for commissioning. Lantai is a first-class base for research and manufacture of plastics machinery. There are many plastics machinery engineers, chemical machinery engineers, machinery fabrication engineers, electronic control engineers, high molecular materials engineers, metal materials engineers and heat treatment engineers. All of our products are designed via CAD. Network has been used in new products' developing and management system.
With excellent quality and full service, Lantai is well recognized by many famous foreign manufacturers and domestic authority organizations. Our products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries.
Relying on advanced technology, excellent performance, reliable quality, excellent talent, strict management, excellent equipment, high-end configuration, reasonable price, quick response, perfect service and good reputation, Lantai will bring users huge economic benefit. We always adhere to the quality strategy and strive for excellence. Lantai is the best and most trusted collaborator for the plastic modification customers.

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Address:No.3, North Heshui Road,Xigu,Lanzhou,China

Tel: 86-931-7311394/7311614/7369030/7369032/7983588

Fax: 86-931-7315137

  • Hydraulic Screen changerHydraulic Screen changer
  • Twin Screw Extruder(SHJ-78H/high Performance)Twin Screw Extruder(SHJ-78H/high Performance)
  • Hydraulic Screen changerHydraulic Screen changer
  • Air-Cooled Die Face Heat Cutting DeviceAir-Cooled Die Face Heat Cutting Device
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