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Sheng Chuan Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Chuan Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Chuan Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Segment Tungsten Carbide Dies Tool

    Segment Tungsten Carbide Dies Tool

  • Segment Carbide Dies Tool

    Segment Carbide Dies Tool

  • Segment Tungsten Carbide Dies

    Segment Tungsten Carbide Dies

  • Punch & K.O. Pin

    Punch & K.O. Pin

  • Segment Carbide Dies

    Segment Carbide Dies

  • Forming Tools

    Forming Tools

  • Alloy Steel Tools

    Alloy Steel Tools

  • Alloy Steel Dies

    Alloy Steel Dies

  • Tungsten Carbide Dies

    Tungsten Carbide Dies

  • Bolt Forming Dies Tool

    Bolt Forming Dies Tool

  • Nut Forming Dies

    Nut Forming Dies

  • Thread Rolling Dies

    Thread Rolling Dies

  • Nut Taps

    Nut Taps

  • Bolt Forming Dies

    Bolt Forming Dies

  • Self Drilling Screw Forming Dies

    Self Drilling Screw Forming Dies

About Us

With many years experiences, wisdom and scientific technology, we always do our best to provide customers with stable quality products, reasonable price and prompt delivery. The automatic design operated with CAD and through computer simulation, analysis with the design environment for forming. Combine with the correct selection from material, the precise tools machining and superior quality manage system to a series of detailed process. So we are able to supply the special dies and tools of nut former, bolt former, part former, header and forging press are suitable for cold, warm, hot forging. Provide out customers to produce various products including parts and fasteners.
With years experiences in industry, we can shorten the lead-time of manufacture parts and fasteners, in order to increase our competitiveness. E provided our experience, technology, study and development ability in our products are of consistent high quality, high precise and high stable an has obtained good reputation in foreign and domestic market. It is hoped that industry circles will continuously provide their support and encouragement the new and everlasting life of forming dies industry.

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Company Name:Sheng Chuan Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Product:Nut Forming Dies, Bolt Forming Dies, Cold Forging Dies, Hot Forging Dies, Punch, K.O.Pin, Trimming Dies, Thread Rolling Dies, Drawing Dies, Tungsten Carbide Dies/Tools, Alloy Steel Dies/Tools, Segment Tungsten Carbide Dies, Self Drilling Screw Forming Dies, Press Dies/Tools, Plug/Ring Gauges, Nut Taps


Tel: 886-7-6931628

Fax: 886-7-6933874

  • Bolt Cold Forge FormerBolt Cold Forge Former
  • Self Drilling Screw Forming DiesSelf Drilling Screw Forming Dies
  • Bolt Forming DiesBolt Forming Dies
  • Thread Rolling DiesThread Rolling Dies
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