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  • Ignition Condenser For Yacht

    Ignition Condenser For Yacht

  • Ignition Cable For Yacht

    Ignition Cable For Yacht

  • Ignition Coil For Yacht

    Ignition Coil For Yacht

  • Ignition Module For Yacht

    Ignition Module For Yacht

  • Ignition Rotor For Yacht

    Ignition Rotor For Yacht

  • Ignition Cap For Yacht

    Ignition Cap For Yacht

  • Ignition Cap For Yacht

    Ignition Cap For Yacht

  • Boat Ignition Distributor

    Boat Ignition Distributor(E5TE-12127-AA/E4ZE-12131-AA)

  • Yacht Ignition Distributor

    Yacht Ignition Distributor(1103634/1103829)

  • Ignition Distributors For Yacht

    Ignition Distributors For Yacht(1104059)

  • Waterproof Marine Ignition Distributors

    Waterproof Marine Ignition Distributors(1104050)

  • Marine Ignition Distributor

    Marine Ignition Distributor(12498777)

  • Pencil Ignition Coil

    Pencil Ignition Coil

  • Distributor Rotor

    Distributor Rotor

  • Distributor Cap

    Distributor Cap

About Us

Yow Jung Enterprise Co., Ltd. located in the south of Taiwan, Kaohsiung county, was founded in 1979. Being awarded the certificates of ISO-9001, ISO-14001, QS-9000, OHSAS and TS16949, we have been producing and exporting the products of Ignition Distributors & Peripheral Accessories, Engine Parts, Electrical Parts and other Automotive Parts for more than 30 years. During this period, we have successfully expanded our various products to the worldwide by the endeavor of 130 staff in more than 5000 square meters, and earned the reputation from so many customers all over the world. Even that, we still keep on progressing and maintaining our corporation mission : 1. Profits Growth, Revenue Sharing. 2. Technology Innovation, Strategic Alliance in different business fields. 3. Enterprise Growth, Community Feedback. 4. Everlasting Management, Till in Supreme. Since 2001, we fulfilled our complete R&D team by integrating the specialized technical fields in Electronics, Engineering, Structure, Machinery. So we are able to achieve most of customized projects and shorten the development time in order to meet the requirements of customers in the world. Owing to the amazing ability and capability, that we own the more flexible production and may achieve the order s of less quantity with many models within the expected lead time.

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Product:Our main products include Ignition Module, Ignition Distributor, Ignition Coil, Distributor Cap and Distributor Rotor. Auto Engine Sensors, Idle Speed Motor, Throttle Position Sensor ,Camshaft Sensor. Auto Air Flow Parts , Car Air Flow Meter, Auto Ignition Distributor, Distributor Rotor ,Pencil Ignition Coil, Fuel Injector, Car Window Regulator ,Auto Condenser.

Address:No.23-97, Datong Rd., Niaosong Township, Kaoshiung County Taiwan

Tel: 886-7-7311981

Fax: 886-7-7331255

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