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  • Ecomomical Type

    Ecomomical Type(BS-250S/BS-250V/BS-250SSV/EA-1012A/ EA-1018A/BS-3)

  • Power Band Saws

    Power Band Saws(EV-916/EV-12SAT/EV-15SAT/EV-1018M/EV-1018T/1018SAT)

  • Fully Automatic

    Fully Automatic(S-250HA/S-250HB/S-300HA/S-300HB/S-400HA/S-400HB/S-)

  • BI-Direction Miter Cutting

    BI-Direction Miter Cutting(S-4633SA/S-6235HA/S-6240SA/S-8246SA)

  • Fully Automatic

    Fully Automatic(H-260HB/H-360HA/H-460HA/H-560HA/H-7065HA/H-700HANC)

  • CNC Type

    CNC Type(NC-460HA/NC-460HB)

  • Semi Auto Billet Saws

    Semi Auto Billet Saws(H-360SA/H-5550/H-7050/H-7056/H-8276/H-1010/H-1100V)

  • Mitre Cutting

    Mitre Cutting(EA-1012A/EA-1018A)

  • V type

    V type(V-0615/V-0625/V-0417/V-0422)

  • VB-Plate/Block Saw

    VB-Plate/Block Saw(VB-040515/25/VB-070715/25)

  • VBS-Plate/Blocl Saw

    VBS-Plate/Blocl Saw(VBS-0407/VBS-0707/VBS-0710/VBS-1013/VBS-1316/VBS-2)

  • Circular Sawing Machine

    Circular Sawing Machine(P-65B/P-100B/P-150B)

About Us

EVERISING has been specializing in mid to large sized band saws since 1983. Their R&D innovations have yielded constant breakthroughs over the years. With two factories in Taichung and another in Kunshan , China , yearly output is in excess of 2000 units. Domestic sales offices are established in Taipei , Taichung , Tainan and Kaohsiung . On the Mainland they have a franchise in Beijing and over ten offices and service centers throughout Canton , providing complete pre-sales and after-sales services with full scale sawing technology. Everising has forty sales reps around the world, and their equipment can be found in over sixty countries worldwide.
Throughout the years the priorities of high quality, innovation and leading technology have guided the company through sustained growth. It has always been the policy of Everising to Let the customer lead the way. During this growth the company has enjoyed continuous affirmation of their quality in the form of CE certification in 1994, ISO 9001 in1995, and in 2001 both ISO 9001 (2000 version), respectively. Also, in 2003 and 2004 they won the Taiwan Symbol of Excellence award. Endeavors in international arenas show the company cooperating with some of the biggest names in the business. With one factory dedicated to ODM, EVERISING's products are displayed yearly at world-renown machinery exhibitions like EMO,IMTS, JIMTOF , TIMTOS, IMTEX.etc. The company is already recognized as a major manufacturer of band saws worldwide. Employing a superior R&D team of distinguished engineers, well over 1000 square meters production facilities the best applicable technology, Everising expects to become a cornerstone in the industry. Their image of superior quality, optimum performance and international accreditation promises to be everlasting.

Contact Us


Product:Sawing Machines

Address:23,8th Rd.,Taichung Industrial Park,Taichung 407,Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-23505300 23593178

Fax: 886-4-23505420 23593410

  • Ecomomical TypeEcomomical Type(BS-250S/BS-250V/BS-250SSV/EA-1012A/ EA-1018A/BS-300SA)
  • VB-Plate/Block SawVB-Plate/Block Saw(VB-040515/25/VB-070715/25)
  • Mitre CuttingMitre Cutting(EA-1012A/EA-1018A)
  • Semi Auto Billet SawsSemi Auto Billet Saws(H-360SA/H-5550/H-7050/H-7056/H-8276/H-1010/H-1100V/T H-1300/H-1613/H-1816/H-2116/H-8235SA)
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