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  • Hollow Sheet Extruding Die

    Hollow Sheet Extruding Die

  • Extrusion Mold(Stiffening Machine)

    Extrusion Mold(Stiffening Machine)

  • Screen Changers

    Screen Changers

  • Screen Changers

    Screen Changers

  • Non-Stop Screen Changer

    Non-Stop Screen Changer

  • Dual Piston Continuous Screen Changer

    Dual Piston Continuous Screen Changer

  • Two-Layer Feedblock

    Two-Layer Feedblock

  • Three-Layer Feedblock

    Three-Layer Feedblock

  • Three-Shaft Five-Layer Feedblock

    Three-Shaft Five-Layer Feedblock

  • Fixed Type Five-Layer Feedblock

    Fixed Type Five-Layer Feedblock

  • Interchangeable Five-Layer Feedblock

    Interchangeable Five-Layer Feedblock

  • Mixer / Reaction Technology

    Mixer / Reaction Technology

  • Mixer Heads For Extrusion

    Mixer Heads For Extrusion

  • Gear Pump

    Gear Pump

  • Gear Pump

    Gear Pump

About Us

Glonica. was established in 1989. In the beginning, Glonica specialized in plastic injection molding, mold design and manufacturing. To meet extruding processor requirements, in 1990, Glonica became involved in T-die design and manufacturing for sheet, film and coating film production. Over the years, we have invited several high molecular masters and doctors to research and develop various T-dies to meet changing market requirements. In 1995, GMA was established specializing in T-die manufacturing. Glonica also introduced various advanced products for research and development, such as gear pumps, screen changers and static mixers, etc.
Nowadays, GMA has design engineers and highly skilled technicians with over 10 years experience in the field of T-die and ancillary equipment for extruding sheet and film. They provide custom designs to fully meet customer requirements. In addition, we also have invested in over 30 advanced CNC machine tools (both local and international), CAE computer software, and several units of 3D, 4 axes CAD/CAM design software. All this provides highly efficient services for our customers.
The in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to execute entire manufacturing processes. We can thereby completely control quality at every stage. GMA products have been sold to worldwide markets, such as: the U.K., Japan, the U.S.A., Italy, Brazil, Argentina and China, etc.

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Product:T-Die,Screen changers,Feedblock,Static Mixer,Gear Pump,Air Knife/Soft Air Box/Vacuum Box

Address:No.28,Lane 362,Sec.2,Yung Hsing RD.,Wu Chi Chen,Taichung,Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-26303229-30

Fax: 886-4-26303208

  • Screen ChangersScreen Changers
  • Dual Piston Continuous Screen ChangerDual Piston Continuous Screen Changer
  • Mixer Heads For ExtrusionMixer Heads For Extrusion
  • Fixed Type Five-Layer FeedblockFixed Type Five-Layer Feedblock
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